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January 2017. An established Advocate / Business Consultant and an experienced accountant join forces to provide business services to Tanzania’s growing Small and Medium sized enterprises.

We believe our country’s middle class is the engine of all progress, and our country full of entrepreneurs.

We know that complying to all legal and financial regulations, keeping your equipment and administration in optimum shape and then, crucially, making your clients aware of your services, can be a daunting task.

We’d like to help, by doing three things.

We Listen

We will introduce ourselves, and possibly hand you our business cards, but from there on we sit and listen.

We want to hear about your business, the successes and the issues you face. The markets you operate in, and the ways you reach out to that market.

We will ask you about your daily processes, the way you have set-up your operations and who your suppliers are. How reliable is your electricity and internet, are your computers working as they should?

We will write all of this down, thank you for your time,

and return to our office.

We Optimise

With all the information you have given us, we will look areas where we think we can improve operations, which in most cases means making things simpler, more efficient and more reliable.

We will then create a short report on our findings and recommendations and return to your office to present this our-selves.

We will discuss the ways in which we think your business-processes, applications and facilities can be improved,

and how we can help you with that.

We Support

Because of our specific expertise and our extensive network of contacts, we can offer a range of business-services which allow you to out-source parts of your operational work-load to us.

As such, you get to spend more time on your core-business, and less on keeping it running optimal.

Our services are provided on a membership basis, customised to your particular business and include legal and tax compliance and assistance, cloud-based office services and applications, web- and social presence and remote technical support.

Why not get in touch and see how we can support your business?

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Other ways to get in touch:

phone: +255 272 545 471
email: info@nullmnconsultants.co.tz
facebook: @mnconsultants
twitter: @mnbctz
public key: keybase.io/mnconsultants
visit: 1st floor, room 9, CCM(W) building, Fire Road, Arusha
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Our office in Arusha’s Central Business District.
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